Emergency First Aid at Work course: 8 June 2012 in Manchester

Our next Emergency First Aid at Work course will run from 9am – 5pm on Friday 8 June 2012 in Manchester. The cost is just £60 for practical, relevant first aid training that covers common and serious medical emergencies. And what’s more, as it’s HSE approved, you’ll know you’re learning useful stuff.

Emergency First Aid at Work course
Emergency First Aid at Work course

The venue is the Inspire Centre (To be confirmed). For those interested in Aquatic First Aid, the course will also cover the Aquatic First Aid syllabus. These extra topics relating to water-related emergencies will be essential for those requiring an “aquatic first aid” certificate, and interesting for everyone else.

When you’re ready to book, just visit https://live.tourcms.com/reserve/r1.php?t=5&a=4869&w=4780&ty=t&k=158c509b4ade

As always, if you have any other questions or would like any more information, just get in touch. You can reach Will on 07941 645 520.

Discounted first aid courses for flexible bookings

If you’re able to be flexible, and several of the published dates for a course would suit you, you can receive a discount on any first aid course booking for Spring 2011! You’ll usually be offered the “two people booking together” rate instead of the higher single booking price.

Just select “next available date” when booking, and we’ll contact you to let you know the date of your course. You can then decide whether you’d like to attend on the discounted date, and you won’t have to pay anything until we’ve found a date that suits you.

Just so you know, you might have to wait up to a month for your course. This offer is available on any public access first aid course in Spring 2011.