What is this Scramble-adventure-climb thingummy?

A Mountain Adventure Scramble is a climb to the top of a mountain by the most adventurous route we can find. Adventure Scrambles take place on the hills of the peak district, often ascending the steep sides of Kinder Scout. We’ll stay off the beaten track, making sure to find the most exciting way up the hill we can find, be that following streams or climbing rocky outcrops, and stopping to explore all the caves, tunnels and interesting things we can find. Adventure scrambles are designed for people who don’t like “walks” – they’re an exciting alternative to the normal trudge along with your family. They’re particularly aimed at older kids/teens, and adventurous adults.

There’s lots more info, including a video that sums up the activity at https://wilderness-development.com/walks-and-scrambles/mountain-adventure-scramble

Sounds Fab-tastic, but I bet it’s expensive and you have to book in advance?

Not at all. This Sunday 20th May costs just £19 for a full day activity.

I’m going to need a little more info to convince my other half and kids!

No worries. There’s loads of info, including a kit list and map of the venue in the pre course information that you can download and print from https://wilderness-development.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Mountain-Adventure-Scramble-at-Crowden.pdf.

That sounds like a terrific, fun, adventurous family day out!

It totally is! When you’re ready to book, just visit https://live.tourcms.com/reserve/r1.php?t=6&a=4869&w=4780&ty=t&k=7d8de1fb2aa5

If you have any other questions or would like any more information, just get in touch. You can reach Will on 07941 645 520.