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** Training Tips to bring the Peak District Challenge within your reach

Thinking about training, for any walking or running challenge can be daunting, but here’s the thing… Thinking about it is the worst part!

Here are some of our top tips to get the most from, and importantly enjoy your training, whatever challenge you decide to take on.
1. Start early, start easy: The more chance you give your mind and body to get used to walking or running a long distance the better, but be careful not to over do it when you fist start.
2. Do it with a friend: Running or walking with a friend can be extremely motivating as not only does it get you to commit to your plans, but can add a fun competitive vibe!
3. Train with the gear you plan to use: This will give you a chance to buy new if you need and time to break it in before the big day.
4. Discover new places: Try training in different kinds of terrain, whether they are hilly, rocky, sandy will keep things interesting and challenging.
5. Include it in your daily routine: Walk or ride to work or run for the bus. Find all the opportunities to keep that momentum going!

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Training can be great, if you get it right! Keep motivated, set your personal goals and I’ll hopefully see you in September!

Cheers, Will

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