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5 Reasons the original Peak District Challenge (est 2013) is an ethical challenge event


1. Easily accessible by public transport (no need to drive here!)
2. Small teams of 3-5 people spread out on variety of routes throughout the park – we increase footfall on paths by just 3-10%.
3. Useful, recycled and recyclable momentos – no dust-gathering trinkets here.
4. Exclusively vegetarian food, biodegradable supplies used throughout, water bottles refilled not replaced.
5. Event is organised as a charity fundraiser and raised over £200,000 sponsorship over 2015-2018. Not a single penny of that was charged to charities to cover the cost of putting on the event.

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I’ll look forward to seeing you there! If you have questions, do reach out directly, anytime, on 07941 645 520.

Happy trekking!

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