Terms and Conditions

When making your booking it is implied and accepted that you have read and understood all these booking conditions and agree to abide by them.

These terms and conditions are designed to be as fair and reasonable as possible. If you would like more information, or an explanation of why we operate these policies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When you must pay

To guarantee your place on a course full payment is required. An email acknowledgement will be issued upon receipt of each payment, and confirmation of the booking when full payment has been received.

The full balance should be made at least 7 days before the start of your course. If the balance is not received by the specified date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and your deposit will be forfeited, unless a delay in your payment has been agreed in writing.

If you make changes or cancel your booking more than 7 days before the event (one month for Peak District Challenge registrations)

If you need to change or cancel your booking more than 7 days before the course starts (or more than one month beforehand in the case of Peak District Challenge registrations), you will be able to transfer your deposit (and any additional payments) towards a new booking. We reserve the right to deduct from this amount any costs incurred by the business in preparation for providing your course (for example cancellation fees charged to us by our suppliers). We won’t refund your deposit if you decide to cancel.

If you make changes or cancel your booking at less than 7 days notice (or less than one month’s notice for Peak District Challenge registrations)

You won’t be entitled to any refund, but you may transfer your place to another suitable person free of charge. If the change to your booking is major, (eg if you need to make a significant change to the location) you’ll be charged any additional expenses incurred by the business.

If we have to make major changes to your booking in advance

In the event that we need to make major changes to your booking, for instance we are unable to offer the activity you originally booked, or need to change the date, you will be entitled to a full refund if you don’t agree to the suggested alternative.

Sometimes we need to change plans on the day

Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the planned itinerary, it must be realised that with this type of adventurous activity changes to the programme will occur from time to time. Staff will do their utmost to ensure that any problems are solved for the benefit of the course participants as a whole. You accept the coaches’ authority to make decisions affecting the group or individuals. Will Sheaff accepts neither responsibility nor liability, for any ensuing costs, or the consequences of any such change, however caused.

On assessing the conditions expected to be encountered or the abilities of the course students, staff may decide to alter any proposed plan, objective or activity if they believe that to continue with the published itinerary, or any latterly agreed alternative, would place anyone at undue risk.

If we need to cancel your booking

This is extremely unlikely. However we reserve the right to cancel at any time. If this were to occur you would choose either to receive a full refund or you could attend alternative courses. Will Sheaff accepts neither responsibility nor liability, for any ensuing costs, or the consequences of any such cancellation, however caused.


Staff may require an individual or individuals to leave the course if they believe that a person or persons health is at risk, if an illegal act is committed, or behaviour may become, or has been, detrimental to the safety, enjoyment or well‐being of the group.

A client leaving a course at any stage, for whatever reason, will not be entitled to any refund.

Legal Jurisdiction

Outdoor pursuits bookings are made with Will Sheaff (t/a Wilderness Development) at registered address: 137 Moorland Road, Stockport, SK2 7DP.

The terms and conditions of all agreements made with Will Sheaff shall be subject to, and governed by, English law.

The nature of adventurous activities

Participation in outdoor pursuits entails some risk of injury. Wilderness Development staff are appropriately experienced to run all sessions and will at all times proceed in a manner to balance the risks and benefits. If you follow the staff’s instructions, the objective risks are very low, but participants and the parents of under-18s must accept that accidents and injury can occur, including the possibility of serious and fatal accidents.

 Neither Will Sheaff (owner of Wilderness Development) nor any of his representatives will be responsible for any illness, injury or death sustained on our courses, barring negligence by the company or it’s staff, nor will they be liable for any uninsured loss of personal property.

Your obligations to help keep yourself safe

You must notify Wilderness Development in advance of your activity of any medical information that the trainer needs to keep you safe on the session. Examples include: Asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, severe allergies or recent injuries / medical treatment.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or in danger please stop and ask the trainer for guidance.

Participants under 18

All participants under 18 must bring along a signed and completed parental consent form.

Certificated courses

Late arrival or absence from any session on “attendance based” courses will probably mean that you will not receive the certificate for which you have joined the course. In all such cases the full course fee remains payable.

Attendance alone does not guarantee a pass on “assessed” courses. In order to receive awards then performance appropriate to the level expected by the syllabus is required. BCU course fees do not include the cost of obtaining a certificate from the BCU if successful.


To eliminate problems, discuss your concerns with your instructor in the first instance. The sooner you mention concerns or needs, the earlier we can remedy or provide for those needs.

Should you still feel that a course has not met your needs, that there was discrimination, bias or that you were unfairly treated, you should contact Will Sheaff personally: 07941 645 520. For first aid courses only, you can alternatively contact Active Aid: admin@active-aid.co.uk or www.active-aid.co.uk/regoffice.aspx

Data Fair Processing Notice

We are committed to ensuring that your personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

Additional data fair processing notice for JAUPT Driver CPC first aid courses only

Your personal data includes your contact details, your photographic image, driver licence details and payment details, together with any other information we obtain directly from you or from third parties, or as a result of our relationship with you in our capacity as a Driver CPC (DCPC) Approved Training Centre and in providing goods and services to you

We will use your personal data for the purposes of uploading completed DCPC PeriodicTraining hours on to the Government’s Recording and Evidencing (R&E) database, theprovision of an attendance certificate, and for all other purposes connected with our role as an Approved Training Centre in providing goods and services to you. Where necessary, this data may be shared with member state authorities to confirm DCPC entitlement abroad.

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